Creating Custom Plugins for Flash Media Player

posted on   June 25, 2012

Project: Create external plugin for custom Flash media player (author Milan Rancic)

Request: To enable pseudo streaming of media files hosted on Akamai networks

Tech: AS3, Flash, Ant, Akamai HDCore library

Problem: How to implement Akamai HDCore library and make it work in general, and only for media streamed from Akamai networks.

Solution: It was given the priority to this specific plugin in core logic of Flash media player to load first, before any other external plugin. At that point pseudo streaming plugin will intercept and replace default NetStream class in media player with Akamai HDNetStream class provided in HDCore library. Also, plugin will use algorithm to check if media url is actually “ready from pseudo streaming” and replaces the media url prefix to corresponds the needs of HDNetStream class to actually enable pseudo streaming. Otherwise, the regular http streaming download will be used for any other media files.

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