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posted on   July 30, 2012

Project: Springboard Video Platform (author Predrag Milosevic)

Request:  Integrate Springboard CMS with services.

Tech: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Problem: Change the upload script to support multi-file upload. Prevent upscaling.  Create API requests for job initialization on servers. Pull encoded files from servers.

Solution: User uploads files (with selected encoding settings) from Springboard CMS on servers using modified upload script. When upload is finished we are getting the video file info from API. If needed, we are changing the selected encoding settings to prevent upscaling. We are then creating an XML API request, which initializes the encoding on servers. API responds with AddMedia ID, which helps us to identify job.

When the encoding is finished, API sends XML request, which contains the encoded files info (location, size etc.), to our script, which download files (video file, thumbnail, snapshot), saves them on the Springboard servers and updates the Springboard database.

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